Clitoria Ternatea (Dried Bluepea Flowers)

Clitoria Ternatea (Dried Bluepea Flowers)

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Bluepea flower, also known as butterfly pea tea might be known for it’s color-changing properties, but the health benefits are just as exciting. When steeped the butterfly pea flower releases antioxidants much like green tea. Antioxidants help your body lower risk of infections, and is great for your heart health.

Bluepea flower has also the ability to preserve beauty. The blue flower has been studied to show that it helps combat wrinkles and protects your skin from premature aging. The flower has also been known to revitalize the brain. With an onset of nutrients and energizing properties, the flower helps brain health while keeping you feeling energized.

· Contains antioxidants to help your body lower risk of infections.
· Butterfly pea tea is proven to help alleviate pain through its analgesic properties.
· Fights internal inflammation, it helps reduce inflammation in the body as well as symptoms such as breakouts or rashes.
· The flower has also been known to revitalize the brain.

Benefits High in antioxidants, alleviate pain, fights internal inflammation, revitalize the brain
Brand Natural Living Products
Size Available 100gm, 200gm
Country of Origin Vietnam
Made/Packed In Singapore
Shelf Life 3 years
Ingredients: Dried bluepea flower
SKU NLP-18002


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