Lavandula Lavender Powder

Lavandula Lavender Powder

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Curio Elixir Lavender Powder can be used to make floral waters, perfumes, skin lotions, soaps and other body care products. The scent and flavour of lavender are wonderful, but the bonus comes from its wide range of health benefits. The powdered form presents entirely new possibilities.

Mixed into a small amount of plain greek yogurt or a paste with a small amount of pink clay and water, can be used as natural facial mask. Lavender powder can also be combined with baking soda and used to freshen carpets or to make a non-abrasive cleanser. You can also mix some into your tea to reduce anxiety and stress. Note, that powdered lavender flower is greenish in color, not purple.

Lavender Powder Benefits
· Improves skin complexion
· Brightens skin
· Relieves dry and itchy skin
· Hydrate and soothe your skin
· Soften Heels and Elbows
· Natural Moisturiser
· Reduces stress and anxiety (if consumed)
· Removes odour (for cleaning purpose)

· For facial (Suggestion 1) – Add 1/2 teaspoon of lavender powder into 2 teaspoon of plain greek yogurt. Mix and apply on face, wash with warm water after 15-30 minutes. Suitable for daily use.
· For facial (Suggestion 2) – Add 1/2 teaspoon of lavender powder into 1 teaspoon of plain greek yogurt and 1 teaspoon of honey. Mix and apply on face, wash with warm water after 15-30 minutes. Suitable for daily use.

Other Possible Application
· Body scrub
· Tea blend drink
· Fruit blend drink

*Recommended to do patch test before actual usage and stop using if skin rashes occur. Please consult your doctor before consuming if you are pregnant, breast-feeding, suffering from diabetes or anemia.

Botanical Name Lavandula
Extraction Method Grinding
Brand Curio Elixir
Size Available 20gm
Country of Origin China
Made/Packed In Singapore
Shelf Life 1 years
SKU CE-PN2503 (20gm)


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