Pink Clay Minerals


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Benefits Restores radiance to the skin, Smoothens the skin’s texture, Softens and hydrates the skin
Brand Natural Living Products
Size Available 100gm
Country of Origin France
Shelf Life 5 years
Ingredients: Kaolin, Illite, Montmorillonite
SKU NLP-18004


Pink Clay Minerals
Pink clay is a balanced skin formula blending white and red clay for the optimum benefits of both clays. Carefully combined, pink clay is ideal for normal skin because it absorbs oil and toxins from the skin without irritation or dryness.

Since pink clay cleanses the skin deeply with no irritation, it’s an essential addition to your beauty routine if you have dry, sensitive or reactive skin. It is also recommended for sensitive scalps.

· Restores radiance to the skin
· Softens and hydrates the skin
· Eliminates redness
· Treats damaged skin
· Smoothens the skin’s texture
· Revitalizes the scalp

· Mix with lukewarm water/milk/yoghurt/honey with a non-metal spoon to achieve a spreadable paste like form
· Apply the mixture to your face
· Let it sit for 10 minutes or until slightly hardened (don’t let exfoliating masks dry on your face, due to the abrasive materials)
· Rinse the face mask from your face (removal in the shower is less messy)
· Apply a toner and moisturizer to seal in the herbal properties of the mask


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