Private Label Program – Clay Mineral Powder

Private Label Program – Clay Mineral Powder

Private labels are the reason many shoppers choose particular retailers; 66% said that if they like a retailer, they generally assume they will also have good store brand products. A private label brand, also known as a “store brand,” is simply a product manufactured by one company and sold under another company’s brand. Private label brands were initially introduced as a lower-price alternative to a national brand, the difference in price being sufficient to induce some purchasers to stock such products, despite a perceived difference in quality.

Even when manufacturing costs are higher than a national brand, generally due to the difference in the quantity produced, the savings in marketing costs allow retailers to simultaneously sell the product at a lower retail price and make a higher gross margin on sales.

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Clay Minerals Available
· Blue clay powder
· Red clay powder
· Pink clay powder
· Caramel clay powder
· Green clay powder
· Kaolin clay powder
· Mixed load

Other Information

Country of Origin France
MOQ 1,000 packs
Net Weight 100gm/pack
Shipment Terms FOB Singapore
Discount 50%
Price Includes Label printing, Leak proof zip bags (14x20cm), Bag printing available upon request (Please ask for price)

$13,900.00 $6,950.00



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