Red Clay Minerals


Benefits Removes excess sebum from the skin and hair, Revives and brightens complexion, Reduces redness and soothes discomfort caused by irritations
Brand Natural Living Products
Size Available 100gm
Country of Origin France
Shelf Life 5 years
Ingredients: Kaolin, Illite
SKU NLP-18003


Red Clay Minerals
Red clay minerals has been used for its beauty benefits since the dawn of time, this natural mineral owes its colour to a high concentration of iron oxide. Naturally rich in trace elements, it stimulates microcirculation in the blood vessels to really wake up the skin. Red clay is suitable for everyone, and those with skin that is sensitive, irritated, tired or redness will find it especially appealing. Red clay brings out your face natural glow and leaves it exceptionally radiant.

If you have oily or sensitive skin, this is perfect for you. This vibrant colored clay draws impurities from the skin penetrating deep into the epidermal layer to remove excess sebum. It is recommended that this clay is used no more than once a week because of the intensity of it effectiveness. The detoxifying properties of red clay make it the best choice for acne prone skin.

· Penetrates deep into the epidermal layer to remove excess sebum from the skin and hair.
· Revives and brightens the complexion.
· Reduces redness and soothes discomfort caused by irritations.
· Acts as a natural colour in makeup.
· Restores body, silkiness and shine to hair.
· Mattifies and unifies the complexion.

· Mix with lukewarm water/milk/yoghurt/honey with a non-metal spoon to achieve a spreadable paste like form
· Apply the mixture to your face
· Let it sit for 10 minutes or until slightly hardened (don’t let exfoliating masks dry on your face, due to the abrasive materials)
· Rinse the face mask from your face (removal in the shower is less messy)
· Apply a toner and moisturizer to seal in the herbal properties of the mask


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